4 Advantages from Using Deals from No More Rack

When you think at online deals at 50% to 80% below the price of other companies, you probably think to yourself “there`s no way this could be true!” Actually, this is a true fact and it`s going on for quite some time. And the best thing is that they are accessible to anyone who wants to make an online purchase. You can visit the site here: http://www.nomorerack.com.

Special Gifts & Seasons Deals

Most deals that you`ll encounter on No More Rack are the so-called “Today`s Deals” that can be found on the site`s home page and which last for only 24 hours. But the site offers other types of deals as well. These are known as “Seasons Deals” and they are available only on summer season or around special holidays, like Christmas, Valentine`s Day or Easter. Customers are able to get special gifts and deals at “crazy” prices that include discounts of up to 90% off. This is one of the reasons for which many people started to have doubts regarding No More Rack, considering them to be a scam.

Large Selection of Promo Codes & Coupons

There is a large selection of promotional deals that No More Rack releases on a regular basis. If you check various sites like RetailMeNot, Coupons.com or BradsDeals.com, you `ll notice some great No More Rack promo codes. Some of the most popular promotional codes that you`ll most likely found on most coupon-related sites are:

  • Free Shipping with E-mail Sign-Up;
  • Refer a Friend: $10 for You, $10 for Them;
  • Up to 98% OFF Everything;
  • $2 Flat Rate Shipping per Item;
  • Up to 90% OFF Designer Handbags;
  • Jewelry Starting at $5.

Huge Discounts for All Categories

Most online shopping companies offer nice deals on specific products. If the customer is happy, he will return and buy again. But what about if he is interested in a discount for another product from a different category? Most of the time you`ll have to wait for other discounts to be released or try again in a short while and hope you`ll get lucky.

No More Rack offers a large selection of products from many different categories, such as Lifestyle, Women, Kids, Men, Accessories, Electronics or Jewelry. Simply check out the random list below that includes some of the hottest No More Rack online deals available today:

  • Electronics - Dell Latitude Windows 7 Dual-Core 2.2GHz 750GB 14.1″ Notebook PC – 40%.
  • Beauty - StriVectin-SD Stretch Mark & Wrinkle Cream – discounts of 57%.
  • Watches - Unisex Hyperion Watch with LED Lights – discounts of 91%.
  • Women - 6 Pairs: Sexy Lacey Boyshort Panties – discounts of 82%.
  • Home - 360° Swivel Midback Office Chair – discounts of 51%.
  • Handbags - Handbag Republic Ellie Side Pocket Shoulder Bag – discounts of 71%.

User-Friendly Site Design

Another great advantage when it comes to No More Rack is the easy-to-use design the website uses. Even the most novice online user will be able to finalize an order on NMR`s site. The deals are displayed in large thumbnail images that highlight the product and below you can see in large green the price as well as the discount you manage to save. Once you decide on a particular item, you simply click on View Deal and you`ll immediately be sent to a new page that contains more details about that specific product. On the right, you have a big green “Buy Now” button that you can use to complete the order.

Rise and Shine (and turn it up, mom!)

My daughter is a light sleeper. Around 6:45 a.m. every morning, I’m inevitably lying in bed wishing I could catch a few more winks (if only I didn’t have to pee). Instead, I tend to hold onto the last few moments of silent stillness and curse the sun for rising. My bladder can wait. I think.

Some days it’s easier to wake up than others (with a smile on my face). Take last Monday, for example. I was sluggish. It was dark and rainy outside. I felt unmotivated to go out, but we had somewhere to be. I was in the mood for popcorn and a movie and lounging in my pajamas. It was one of those days.

Parenting isn’t a part time job. From my experience I can’t just check out when I’m not in the mood for discovering a new day- the /ch/ sound, the number 9, the phrase “oh yeah.” The old saying goes: Fake it till you make it. That’s what I did.

I shuffled into the kitchen with my well-rested toddler, bright-eyed and eager to play. I switched on the iPod, turned up the volume to Disco Inferno, and at 7:30 a.m. we had an all-out dance party. Tambourines, rhythm sticks, and shakers. We started off the day laughing, and the music was just enough to give me the boost I needed to feel awake and alive.

I’ve started to think that this might be a fun ritual for kids before heading off to school. It’s a naturally energizing shared experience and everyone feels good. Sit down with your kids to make a playlist. Then, on a dark and dreary Monday morning, crank up the music. And don’t be afraid to show off those old dance moves. Your kids will laugh and love you for it!

What are mornings like in your house? Would music make a difference? What songs would be a must-have on your family’s playlist?

**This post is a part of the Moms’ 30 Minute Blog Challenge at Steady Mom**

Cheaper Than Dirt Coupon Codes: The Next Trend in Saving on Your Gun Order!

Cheaper Than Dirt coupon codes are nothing else than online features, which allow you to save money online while you purchase guns, ammo or other related products. Managing to locate them online is not hard and in time it can be quite rewarding.

What is a Cheaper Than Dirt Coupon Code?

A CTD coupon code is practically a string of numbers which can be used online pretty much like the old-fashioned coupon were used in supermarkets and stores to get discounts. Actually, a coupon code released by this brand is nothing more than an “online coupon”. If you may be planning on buying any firearms from an online website, you cannot really afford not to read the lines below which will explain to you how to get all the great deals on CTD coupons.

There are a lot of coupon-related websites and blogs which offer CTD promotional deals on the internet. Here are a few methods to find them in no time.


Finding CTD Coupon Codes Online

  • 1. Looking for CTD coupon codes on the internet has become quite popular in the last few years and this is for a very good reason. The average person is able to save a lot of money on firearms by using discount promotional codes which could save either a percentage from the gun product`s order or at least offer free shipping.
  • 2. There are several websites that deal specifically with promotional deals on the internet. CheaperThanDirtPromoCode or CurrentCodes are only two of them. These are some of the best because they let you look for a particular promo code on specific products. Such sites can be quite helpful especially if you do not really know where you want to purchase a gun product and you only have knowledge of what firearm item you want to purchase. Weatherby Pump Action shotguns at only $295 and discounts of $50 for Weaponry semi automatic rifles are just 2 of the best deals that can be found on such sites.
  • 3. An additional method to search for Cheaper Than Dirt promotional deals online is to just search them with your favorite search engine. For instance, if you may be searching for a CTD coupon code, simply type in this term in one of your search engines and see what results you`ll get. In most cases, you`ll have from where to choose as reliable sites like GoodSearch or Coupons.com are always among the first results.
  • 4. Always keep in mind to check on more than one single place for your CTD promotional deal as some websites offer better online deals than other ones. Not to mention that a lot of sites are simply just scams.

Important Notes to Consider

  • Cheaper Than Dirt coupon codes should be searched at the end of each month and around important holidays, like Christmas or Easter. That`s when the brand is generally releasing such codes for its customers.
  • Always check if your CTD code is expired. Many of the good deals don`t last for too long – most of them not even a week.
  • You need to confirm that your Cheaper Than Dirt coupon code is applied properly in order to get the discount on your gun order. Don`t rush into completing your order but rather verify and double-check your online form before pressing the “Order” button.
  • Always use reputable coupon-related sites to get your codes. Always choose the safer option when looking for discount codes from CTD online. With all the development of the internet lately, scams are everywhere and sometimes you just can`t tell which online code is good to use.
  • You may have several favorite sites from where you get your CTD promotional codes. You should use the bookmark feature of your browser so you can find it easier in the future to get your codes.

    With all the great discounts that can be found online, you do not really need to pay the entire price for your firearm purchase. Using coupon codes from CheaperThanDirt is the new trend these days. Nobody is paying full price for a gun order anymore.

Refresh Your Soul: Ten Simple Ideas!

Photo by tskdesign

Picture, for a moment, the perfect summer day: sunny, 80 degrees, low humidity, a cool breeze. Where I live, these days are unexpected gifts (My ruthless, curly hair can attest to that.) While the modern convenience of air conditioning serves its purpose, nothing beats opening up the windows and inviting in the fresh air.

In the Northeast, September may very well be one of the best months to enjoy the fresh air without breaking a sweat from a walk to the mailbox which, for me, is about ten feet. Below are some ideas for making the most of the outdoors with your children without changing your daily schedule, routines, or activities.

  • 1. Dine al Fresco: Much of our food originates from the soil or from animals that graze in “open” spaces. For me, it feels good to eat in the natural environment and connect to the earth, the source of good food. So, change things up a bit and serve breakfast outside. Call me a romantic, but fresh air stirs my blood and awakens my senses. What a great way to start the day!
  • 2. Drive with the Windows Down: Whenever I roll down the car windows, my daughter instinctively waves her arms and legs and lets out this giggly, contagious laugh. “Weeee!” I exclaim from the front seat, for a little extra rollercoaster effect. As the wind whips in one window and out another, it ushers in an energy that invigorates the soul. In fact, I can’t not sing when I feel so alive. And sometimes that’s just what you need when you’re running the same old errands, day after day.
  • 3. Snack with a Story: Many small children eat a mid-morning snack. This is a great opportunity for storytime. Grab your favorite books, a snack, and a blanket and recline in the shade or the sun (for a little vitamin D). Not only are you enjoying the fresh air, but you are teaching your child that reading is fun, relaxing, and worthy of a special time and space.
  • 4. Hang Your Laundry Under the Sun: Many moms do at least one load of laundry a day. I will admit, I am not one of those moms. I do, however, have a clothesline. Bring your wet clothes outside and hang them on a clothesline, letting little ones help out with an otherwise tedious chore. Breathe in clean, fresh air and smell the grass as your clothes soak up these good smells.
  • 5. Shop at an Outdoors Farmers’ Market: Support your local economy by buying fresh food from family farmers. This sure beats another trip to an overcrowded supermarket, where fruits have traveled from Brazil. I love the idea of nourishing my body with food from my own “backyard.” Indulge your senses in the fresh smells of ripe produce, grass-fed meats, local wines, cheeses, and more! Visit LocalHarvest to find a farmers’ market near you.
  • 6. Play Outside: You have all winter to play indoors. So step outside and let your creative juices flow! Grab some sidewalk chalk and reconnect with your inner artist. Or if you have a swingset, swing high alongside your child and let your imagination soar: Remember swinging over alligator infested lagoons? As you feel the wind blow past, pretend that you’re flying free. Let go of your obligations and breathe in sheer fun.
  • 7. Get Moving!: My daughter typically wakes up from her nap around 3:00, at which time I’m suffering from sleepiness (if I haven’t napped too). This is my cue to get up and get out. It’s hard to fit in exercise with kids. Grab the stroller, double stroller, or bikes (if the kids are older), and head outside for a nice brisk walk or jog. Pay attention to your breath. Notice colors and textures. Feel yourself awaken and your soul open up to possibility.
  • 8. Turn Off the TV: Trade a televised sporting event for the real deal! Again, go local! On a Saturday afternoon, pile the kids in the minivan and support your local high school athletics program. It’s cheap, fun, and gets everyone outdoors for some fresh air. This is a great opportunity to expose small children to healthy competition, spirit, and team work. Plus, there’s usually plenty of space for them to run around!
  • 9. Choose the Farthest Spot: When most people enter a parking lot, they naturally look for a spot closest to their destination. What if we parked farther away? Would it hurt to walk the extra 50 yards? Parking lots are often spaces of tension. Avoid the madness and enjoy the walk. Breathe in peace, breathe out frustration.
  • 10. Fire Up the Grill: I love the smell of charcoal on a warm summer night. I associate it with family barbecues, lightning bugs, citronella candles, and watermelon. Why heat up the kitchen when the outside temperature is mild and only calls for a sweatshirt? My feeling is this: Take advantage of the grill for as long as you can, and hold onto those memories of summer.

TV Can Be Good

Photo from ralphbijker

I watch very little television, although I have been known to say that the only good thing about winter is American Idol. And in the fall, college football. Aside from that, my TV watching is generally limited to a mindless TiVo’d sitcom before conking out on the couch.

As a parent, I limit my daughter’s TV watching to one Sesame Street episode in the evening. I’m all for turning off the TV and playing in dirt. It’s funny, though, that some of my fondest family memories include the television. I remember singing the theme song to Fame with my mom, laughing at Bill Cosby’s antics with my dad, and watching Saturday morning cartoons with my sisters while fishing for the prize inside the Cheerios box.

Is TV all that bad? Or in some instances, when used in moderation, can it actually bring families together?

If you call my house on a Saturday afternoon in the fall, you’ll get voice mail. I’m probably glued to the TV, watching Notre Dame football on NBC. With my family. For me, ND football is more than a sporting event. It’s something that rallies my family around spirit, tradition, and fun. We throw on our Irish gear, yell the cheers, and shake our car keys for a defensive “key” play. And it’s simply adorable when my 2 year old throws her arms up for a “Touchdown!”

Some families get pumped up for March Madness. For others, it’s the World Series, the Daytona 500, or the Olympics. Sports can be enjoyed by all ages, and they nurture a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork. When families get revved up together, it builds camaraderie and a shared identity. This is what stays with kids.

Maybe you’re not a sports fan. That’s okay; watch the Discovery Channel and learn about an endangered animal. Or pop in an old family favorite on DVD (I have all 8 seasons of the Cosby Show). If your children are older, tune into a family-friendly reality show with them. Whatever you choose, pick a set date and time and make it ritualistic. You’ll be glad you did.

I’m Ga-Ga over Blabla (Giveaway)

I’m thrilled to kick off the new year with a giveaway from Blabla! Two moms and best friends (of 25 years) started a company that has now evolved into something far beyond their wildest dreams!

Florence Wetterwald, designer and co-owner, says this about these knitted creations: “I always think of Blabla products as contemporary objects which reflect the inner life of children in this modern world. I love kids. Their fragility moves me. I like to believe that my designs comfort them and make them smile.”

As a mom, here’s why I’m Ga-Ga over Blabla:

The owners of Blabla have created a company that searches for “beauty, authenticity, and laughter.” Who doesn’t aspire to live a life with these?

All of the products are made of natural, high-quality fibers that make them “irresistibly soft and cuddly” for children. Prior to our discovery of Blabla, my daughter couldn’t care less about dolls. Now, well, the picture says it all!

These products make me happy; they are simple, vibrant, and fun! Just look at these finger puppets . . . I know you’re smiling :) What a great way to encourage open-ended, imaginative play in your home.

Blabla takes pride in fair trade ethics and a committment to the Peruvian artisans who knit these products. This global-minded company is based on mutual respect between designers and knitters.

I could go on forever, but you’ll have to check out the rest! Blabla’s collection also includes rattles, blankets, mobiles, and clothing. They make wonderful baby and shower gifts!

And now . . .for the GIVEAWAY! Susan at Blabla has generously offered my readers the chance to win the adorable Celeste doll pictured above. Here’s how:

1. Visit Blabla, and then leave a comment on this post, telling us your TWO favorite knitted products.

2. If you’d like to earn extra entries, you can Facebook, twitter, or write about his giveaway on your blog (please use this post’s URL). Then come back and, in a separate comment, tell me how you’ve spread the word!

On Friday, February 5th, 8 p.m. EST, one winner will be randomly selected by Random.org. You must be a U.S. resident (18+) to enter. I hope it’s your lucky day!

Congratulations, Tina! (And sorry for the delay) You’re going to LOVE this doll :)