Cheaper Than Dirt Coupon Codes: Easy Saving on Your Gun Order!

Cheaper Than Dirt coupon codes are nothing else than online features, which allow you to save money online while you purchase guns, ammo or other related products. Managing to locate them online is not hard and in time it can be quite rewarding.

What Is a Cheaper Than Dirt Coupon Code?

A CTD coupon code is practically a string of numbers which can be used online to buy guns or ammo. You can use them pretty much like the old-fashioned coupons which were used in supermarkets and stores to get discounts a while ago. Actually, a coupon code released by this brand is nothing more than an “online coupon”. If you may be planning on buying any firearms from an online website, you cannot really afford not to read the lines below which will explain to you how to get all the great deals on CTD coupons.

General Tips to Find CTD Coupon Codes

There are a lot of coupon-related websites and blogs which offer CTD promotional deals on the internet, but you`ll need to know how to find them. The old methods of finding and using the old-fashioned coupons won`t work on this. Here are a few methods:

  • Regular Google Search – You want to find coupon codes released by CTD? Nothing easier – just type “Cheaper Than Dirt online codes” or “Cheaper Than Dirt coupon codes” in Google and see what sites will appear. Regularly, your only interest should be among the first few sites as these ones are the best and the most reliable.
  • At the moment sites like RetailMeNot, GoodSearch or GivingAssistant are the first 3 that appear using such a search. What is great about this sites is that you can be confident the CTD codes obtained from them will work.

  • Old Bookmarks – If this isn`t your first time when using this type of codes, use one of your old finding. It`s true that Cheaper Than Dirt deals don`t last for too long and most coupon codes are already expired the second time you try to use them, but what if you are in luck? Isn`t it worth it to at least try?
  • Personal Blogs – Such sites aren`t too many spread on the online environment. In fact they are quite hard to find. It takes someone who has an affinity to the actual brand, or someone who likes to save money when buying guns to build such a blog. CheaperThanDirtPromoCode is an online blog specifically themed around promotion codes released by CheaperThanDirt.

Notes to Consider When Using Them

  • Monthly Research (At Least) – Cheaper Than Dirt coupon codes should be searched at the end of each month and around important holidays, like Christmas or Easter. That`s when CTD is generally releasing these codes for its customers.
  • Expiration Dates Do Count – Always check if your CTD code is expired. Many of the good deals don`t last for too long – most of them not even a week.
  • Proper Usage – You need to confirm that your Cheaper Than Dirt coupon code is applied properly in order to get the discount on your gun order. Don`t rush into completing your order but rather verify and double-check the online form you`re using before pressing finalizing the entire process.
  • Reliable Is Good – Always use reputable coupon-related sites to get your codes. As mentioned above, sites like GoodSearch or RetailMeNot appear among your first choices for a reason – they are reliable resources and Google likes them. That`s why they are at the top.
  • Bookmark What You Find – You may have a few favorite sites from where you usually get your CTD promotional codes. You should use the bookmark feature of your regular browser to save them for later. You`ll find it easier in the future to get your codes.
  • Scams Must Be Avoided – Always choose the safer option when looking for discount codes from CTD. With all the development of the internet lately, scams are everywhere and sometimes you just can`t tell which code is good to use and which is not.

Overall Conclusion

With all the great discounts that can be found online, you do not really need to pay the entire price for your firearm purchase. Using coupon codes from CheaperThanDirt is the new trend these days. Nobody is paying full price for a gun order anymore.


Rise and Shine (and turn it up, mom!)


Photo by MarksandSparks

My daughter is a light sleeper. Around 6:45 a.m. every morning, I’m inevitably lying in bed wishing I could catch a few more winks (if only I didn’t have to pee). Instead, I tend to hold onto the last few moments of silent stillness and curse the sun for rising. My bladder can wait. I think.

Some days it’s easier to wake up than others (with a smile on my face). Take last Monday, for example. I was sluggish. It was dark and rainy outside. I felt unmotivated to go out, but we had somewhere to be. I was in the mood for popcorn and a movie and lounging in my pajamas. It was one of those days.

Parenting isn’t a part time job. From my experience I can’t just check out when I’m not in the mood for discovering a new day- the /ch/ sound, the number 9, the phrase “oh yeah.” The old saying goes: Fake it till you make it. That’s what I did.

I shuffled into the kitchen with my well-rested toddler, bright-eyed and eager to play. I switched on the iPod, turned up the volume to Disco Inferno, and at 7:30 a.m. we had an all-out dance party. Tambourines, rhythm sticks, and shakers. We started off the day laughing, and the music was just enough to give me the boost I needed to feel awake and alive.

I’ve started to think that this might be a fun ritual for kids before heading off to school. It’s a naturally energizing shared experience and everyone feels good. Sit down with your kids to make a playlist. Then, on a dark and dreary Monday morning, crank up the music. And don’t be afraid to show off those old dance moves. Your kids will laugh and love you for it!

What are mornings like in your house? Would music make a difference? What songs would be a must-have on your family’s playlist?

**This post is a part of the Moms’ 30 Minute Blog Challenge at Steady Mom**

TV Can Be Good

Photo from ralphbijker


I watch very little television, although I have been known to say that the only good thing about winter is American Idol. And in the fall, college football. Aside from that, my TV watching is generally limited to a mindless TiVo’d sitcom before conking out on the couch.

As a parent, I limit my daughter’s TV watching to one Sesame Street episode in the evening. I’m all for turning off the TV and playing in dirt. It’s funny, though, that some of my fondest family memories include the television. I remember singing the theme song to Fame with my mom, laughing at Bill Cosby’s antics with my dad, and watching Saturday morning cartoons with my sisters while fishing for the prize inside the Cheerios box.

Is TV all that bad? Or in some instances, when used in moderation, can it actually bring families together?

If you call my house on a Saturday afternoon in the fall, you’ll get voice mail. I’m probably glued to the TV, watching Notre Dame football on NBC. With my family. For me, ND football is more than a sporting event. It’s something that rallies my family around spirit, tradition, and fun. We throw on our Irish gear, yell the cheers, and shake our car keys for a defensive “key” play. And it’s simply adorable when my 2 year old throws her arms up for a “Touchdown!”

Some families get pumped up for March Madness. For others, it’s the World Series, the Daytona 500, or the Olympics. Sports can be enjoyed by all ages, and they nurture a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork. When families get revved up together, it builds camaraderie and a shared identity. This is what stays with kids.

Maybe you’re not a sports fan. That’s okay; watch the Discovery Channel and learn about an endangered animal. Or pop in an old family favorite on DVD (I have all 8 seasons of the Cosby Show). If your children are older, tune into a family-friendly reality show with them. Whatever you choose, pick a set date and time and make it ritualistic. You’ll be glad you did.

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